About Us

At Eurycomanone.com we specialize in sourcing, testing, retailing and wholesaling premium grade HLPC standardized tongkat ali root extract.


We stock a handful of Eurycomanone.com approved tongkat ali extracts in varying strengths; these include loose powders at 1% eurycomanone and 2% eurycomanone. We also retail capsulated standardized tongkat ali root extract in the form of TKA1:200 produced by World A.B.S at 2.4% eurycomanone.

Wholesale Tongkat Ali Root Extracts

At Eurycomanone.com we can supply 1% and 2% eurycomanone standardized tongkat ali root extract in powder form, starting at 5kg minimum quantity order. Full pricing and specifications available on request.

Contract Manufacturing

With our capsule filling and packaging partners, we can also offer standardized tongkat ali extract encapsulated or loose with packaging options to suit your needs.

For more information on the above services, please contact us directly at:: [email protected]