TKA1:200 Tongkat Ali Root Extract


Dosage type Capsule
Eurycomanone 2.4%
Extract/capsule 400mg
Capsules per bottle 90
Total extract per bottle 36g
Capsule size 0 zero
Capsule form Vegetarian safe
Certification Number 01-3691

TKA 1:200

TKA 1:200 is a premium quality standardized tongkat ali root extract with a very specific eurycomanone strength rating of 2.4%.

Why Does TKA 1:200 Use 2.4% Eurycomanone? With over ten years of tongkat ali experience World A.B.S have formulated TKA 1:200 specifically at 2.4% eurycomanone to retain a safe natural tongkat ali extract composition, while maximising the effectiveness of the extract at the 400mg per capsule dosage.

Our Experience With TKA 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract Before any tongkat ali product can be sold at it must pass our quality assurance requirements; this ensures that the tongkat ali extract not only meets current safety regulations, but also matches all of the manufacturer's claims for strength and purity.

To date we have tested 37 of the leading tongkat ali root extracts found online, out of the 37 brands that we tested only TKA 1:200 has passed our quality assurance requirements, because of this we are proud to offer TKA 1:200 for sale at

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