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Tongkat Ali Root Extract

There are two forms of tongkat ali extract available on the market today, traditional and standardized, traditional extract is strength rated by the amount of root used to produce a single gram of extract, this method of production is highly inefficient, allowing for a large margin of error in actual finished extract strength. This is because the active ingredients in a tongkat ali extract will vary depending on the age and quality of the root used to produce the extract, rather than simply the amount of root used.

An example of this would be as follows: If two separate batches of tongkat ali extract were produced each using 50 grams of root to produce 1 gram of finished extract (1:50), the first batch using eurycomanone rich root while the second used roots with a low eurycomanone content, the two finished extracts would be completely different in strength, although each batch used 50 grams of root per 1 gram of finished extract.

How Is Standardized Tongkat Ali Root Extract Produced

Standardized tongkat Ali root extract is produced in much the same way as traditional tongkat ali extract, but rather than basing the strength rating on the amount of root used regardless of quality, we use analytic equipment in the form of ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry to monitor the levels of several key active ingredients, primarily the eurycomanone content of the extract, this is carried out while the root extract is in the liquid stage of production.

What Are The Benefits Of Standardized Extract

Besides the obvious benefits of safety and quality through consistency, using analytic equipment to produce plant extracts stops the unnecessary waste of raw materials by adjusting the formula at a granular level. Additionally this method of production helps to reduce fraudulent activity in the supply chain, as the process is completely verifiable from start to finish.

What Is Eurycomanone And Why Is It Important

Eurycomanone is the active compound[1] found in the root of the eurycoma longifolia plant, more widely known as tongkat ali.[2] . Studies have shown that eurycomanone increases the amount of free testosterone available in the bloodstream by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, this causes an increase of testosterone to build up over a period of time. At higher concentrations, eurycomanone also acts as a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor and is currently being studied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.[3]

Eurycomanone Standardisation

Eurycomanone is available in pure form, but this is not safe to consume and certainly would not be considered a tongkat ali root extract for therapeutic use. For safe human consumption standardized tongkat ali extract starts at 0.5% eurycomanone and the upper limits are around 2.7% eurycomanone, in these strengths standardized tongkat ali extract is used as a safe testosterone booster with the higher strength extracts also acting as a PDE5 inhibitor..[4]

What Color Is A Good Quality Standardized Tongkat Ali Root Extract

In its purest form 100% eurycomanone is a very fine water soluble white powder, when produced as a standardized tongkat ali extract the color is a light yellowish brown, the stronger the extract the lighter in color.

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